La Volte is a beginning, a start, a hope, a bud about to bloom. It is a dull rage that shakes the belly, creates the movement and weaves the bonds of collective struggles.
La Volte is a space of experimentation, a place to produce and broadcast our weapons of political consciousness, collective intelligence and social transformation. It is an opportunity to re-find and re-empowering action, an attempt to change the world order, rather than our desires.

Intercultural exchanges

Introduction / Präsentation / Presentación / Presentazione

La Volte organise and/or facilitate intercultural training courses, seminars and youth exchanges.

With different partner organizations such as Via Brachy or Concordia Midi-Pyrénées, we aim to gather people from different countries to create and share knowledge on various topics.

These projects are commonly supported by the Erasmus + program  and/or the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ).